Your Greenhouse Responses!

Primrose in the BBC Gardeners' World Magazine!

We’ve recently launched a new competition to get your feedback on our advert on the October issue of Gardeners’ World.

Here are some of the responses we’ve received so far:

  • Better keep them squirrels out of mine when it arrives. Lol
  • I wish I could grow an oak like that :)
  • Good mix of ideas ‘jack and the beanstalk ‘. ‘Mighty oaks from tiny acorns’. The ‘boy and his dog ‘. Also showing strength and durability of the product. The icons clearly show what’s available and how many styles. Well done!
  • Love it thought of Jack & the Beanstalk before reading the caption. Like the way she’s holding the watering can & dog looking up. Humourous
  • Good advertisement on the humorous side of life,that what we need more of
  • I love it because it’s the sort of thing I would do!
  • Looking at the advert made me think of my granddaughter. She is always planting things in my greenhouse so I don’t know what is going to grow next.
  • Very clever using the Jack and the Beanstalk idea. Great advert.
  • Did not know that you sold greenhouses… we are looking to buy one…!
  • Quite a good idea!
  • Very clear, saves time when you know what you looking for. Enjoyed browsing and ended up purchasing a water feature
  • The humour in this ad is the sort of thing that would make my kids groan and roll their eyes. Certainly does nothing to sell a greenhouse. Difficult to be funny, why not keep it simple?
  • I thought that it was a super idea to place this advert on the back cover of Gardeners World as it will be constantly seen without the need for searching for in the magazine. Certainly the icons at the bottom of the page give a very a clear of the range of products sold by Primrose.
  • A very good Ad over all I think and especially made me smile as I have just purchased a Lacewing G/H from you. Having seen the Ad I shall be sure to plant no Acorns in it mind..
  • I love my garden and your website!
  • Very funny and eye catching advert.
  • It looked very homely, I liked it a lot
  • I’m just in the process of doing up a new garden and it all looks very interesting, I’m going to order a catalogue.
  • Might have been a teeny bit funnier had the caption read: ‘we warned Jack not to plant one of those odd little beans he came home with in the greenhouse….’.
  • An eye catching advert and quite amusing
  • Always have loved it always will
  • Very eye catching.
  • The advert is great, it definitely makes you take another look. I read the page and like the icons – makes me think i should take a look at your website again. I’M a garden designer so always looking out for things for clients gardens.
  • This would make a lovely birthday card.
  • Great advert – shows how good your greenhouses are. I have actually seen a greenhouse with a vine plant growing through the windows and covering the roof on the outside.
  • It’s represented well
  • Thought it okay, took me a while looking at it to realise the tree was growing out of the greenhouse as was focusing on the dog in the foreground thought it had done something funny. Initially thought the tree was growing behind the greenhouse-probably my eyes..
  • Definitely an eye catching advert
  • Maybe better with a beanstalk, We warned JACK not to plant those BEANS in one…………!
  • A bit (a)corny
  • It makes such a change to see a bit of humour in an ad. these days with everyone usually being so earnest as a rule.
  • Very good clear advertisement
  • Like Jack, and I’m sure many other gardeners, I’ve spent the last 2 years planting those little plug plants without looking at height and spread. Only now to spend time moving large plants to the back of the border. Primrose gives me good ideas for accessories and plants. Promise to read details from now on.
  • Its nice to see that people have their idiosincracies, not that I can spell it. A tree greenhouse is better than a tree house isn’t it?
  • The advert is very amusing,i would be even more amused if i won a cold frame!
  • I think it’s a great modern, quirky advert. Funny too. I think the icons could have been a bit bigger and in a darker colour.
  • This touched a personal chord, as my grandson is called Jack, and the little boy looks like him!
  • Good and very funny advert. I could really imagine this happening :-)
  • That is the sort of thing I would do when having a blonde moment.
  • The first thought i had was ‘ them damn squirrels and their nuts again!!! ‘ LOL
  • The reason I didn’t like it was owing to the text ‘We warned Jack…’. I think this is unnecessary as the visual tells the story without the text. Adding the text is patronising to your reader.
  • Ad great. Would it still be under 10 year guarantee?
  • It is good to see a funny advert as so many are intent on showing their products ,it is easy to glance over them so they do not register. A funny advert makes you think.
  • Its eye catching and humourous
  • A great ad, eye catching and amusing. Maybe could be better with a bit more impact from the Primrose name and website address under the main picture, but that’s probably just me being picky.
  • The ad was eye-catching and showed a sense of humour often lacking in gardening advertising. Like wise the icons make a nice change and are easy to understand.
  • Good advert – but a bit too green!!!
  • To be perfectly honest, as images always attract before you even read and learn what the image is portraying. I thought how creative! Made me inspired to be different in my garden! Not saying I’m going to plant a tree in my green house. But it’s just giving out so much creativity. It make me want to buy more just to give a new spark to the garden.
  • Funny but a little unbelievable & the lower part where you show your details needs ore colour & a hook to draw the reader to actually do something.
  • What fertiliser did he use
  • Jack of course, should have planted a bean!
  • I don’t subscribe to Gardeners World but your advert is certainly eye catching and worthy of a chuckle.
  • Must have gone though great panes to get the tree to grow like that
  • Nice to see some “jokey” advertisements. Most are far too serious. Well done
  • No broken glass where tree broke through!!!!!!!!!!
  • The ad is amusing and the overall appearance is a pleasantly refreshing change .
    Perhaps a little bit of info on the greenhouse type shown in the ad regarding its’ construction virtues would have instilled more interest to potential buyers?
  • Gardening supplier with sense of humour! Icons at bottom of advert really useful- what you stock, at a glance
  • Sorry, I took a while to get the joke. I think Jack would have worked better with planting a bean. Not sure why you chose an acorn.
  • Reminds me of what might have happened at Kew.
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • This reminded me of when as a four year old I used to plant rubber tree nuts in my mums garden in Malaya, they came up better than her plants!
  • Grabs your attention more than most ads
  • I thought the ad was clever – it drew my attention straight away and once youv’e started to read you investigate further. And yes I thought the caption was funny!
  • It made me think harder than I normally care to with an advert. I like an advert to have a direct and immediate impact……I don’t like having to take time over an advert unless I’m reading text. A list of Primrose’s stock would have been clearer. But the illustration and accompanying text was VERY good! It made me smile.
  • Every thing is very good
  • Another title could be, Worlds first ground floor tree greenhouse.
  • The advert made me laugh because, i’ve grown a maruga chilli and it nearly burst out of my lacewing greenhouse
  • Very original, liked it a lot.
  • Very well thought out advert. Well done.
  • I think it’s really cute and I just love the dog – all gardeners love dogs. Just think of Monty Don’s Nigel on Gardeners World, stealing every shot he appears in.
  • I think its smart
  • Show’s you have to be careful,what you grow.
  • Most adverts for greenhouses are pretty boring. This one could not be missed and it is a very reasonable price.

2 thoughts on “Your Greenhouse Responses!

  1. I have just perchased a lacewing greenhouse,firstly the instructions are diabolical don’t make any sense at all,secondly it’s impossible to do it in 30minutes as in your instructions,thirdly you canot build on your own duo to the fact it’s to flimsy there’s no adverse winds to worry about although it’s been cold not that I worry about it I’ve spent most of my life outside being a carpenter of 50years and I do not need to go to specsavers.and would not recommend this to anybody.


  2. My wife and I have just spent 2 days, over 20 hours in total, erecting a Lacewing HJ0470 greenhouse.
    We are both well practiced in erecting the likes of sheds and furniture, but this episode to us to new realms, or depths.
    The construction, and method of fixing were both unnecessarily complicated.
    Much of our time spent was on disassembling what we had done because the instructions were in the wrong sequence, and then there was one of the windows missing.
    This had to be the worst construction item I’ve ever done, accompanied by one of the worst and most confusing set of instructions.
    The words DON’T….TOUCH and BARGEPOLE spring to mind – keep well clear!


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