Strawberry Delight

Bountiful strawberry plants bearing fruit

Strawberry plants in blossomMy strawberry plants have produced a bumper crop this year: first treating me to a pretty display of blossoms, followed by masses of plump juicy fruit. The berries, however, never make it to the table, or even further than the patio for that matter! They disappear immediately upon ripening and it doesn’t take Inspector Clouseau to discover the culprits; the trails of red juice dribbling down my son’s chin are a dead giveaway.
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Hiring help in the garden 6th edition

I am over the worry of it now and on the downhill stretch.  There were enough bricks reclaimed to remake the wall, and it looks great in light yellow colours of the old London Stock bricks that the house is built in. The path beside it we started in the crazy paving that was down before.  However, I was using them only because they were there.  I don’t really like the look of crazy paving in a Victorian house setting. The Dex came up with a plan.  He had only just started and the cement was still wet.  It takes quite a time to fit the jigsaw puzzle together and we reasoned that laying concrete was quicker.  Dex’s master plan was to inlay white stones in the cement.  I was due to rush to Sussex on a school pick up run in an hour, but chose to rush to the local Jewsons to buy more cement and white stones.  I couldn’t quite picture the white path, but took a chance that my taste and Dex’s would match. I flew down to Sussex, but had a bad night there imagining the path to look like a long trail from the top of a grave. The next morning a friend commented that that he had never seem a garden makeover with a graveyard theme….that helped.

But it was lovely and I am so pleased.  It still has to have a resin coating so I think it will wear well.


Gill’s Greenhouse


My name is Gill and I work for Primrose customer service and I am passionate about gardening. I have, over the last couple of years, started growing vegetables. I love my greenhouse as I can sow seed much earlier than outside in the veggie patch and so have a much longer growing season.

I am about to purchase a new greenhouse this year as I really need a larger one now. Last year I grew so many tomatoes, peppers and chillies that I ran out of space.

Now that the weather seems to be warming up, I thought it was time to sow my tomato and chilli seeds. I sowed six pots of different varieties at the weekend and have them in the greenhouse in a propagator. I keep the greenhouse heated at night with a paraffin heater. I also sowed lettuce and rocket which I will plant out in the greenhouse border .