Protect Your Water Feature from Deadly Frost

It is essential to protect your outdoor features against frost damage, and this is something to plan for now before the winter has us all in its grasp.

If water freezes in a fountain or bird bath, it can expand and crack the resin or stonework. Fountain Frost-Free prevents frost damage to fountains & birdbaths and allows wild birds continued access to drinking water. Best of all, it’s completely environmentally friendly and animal & child-safe giving you complete peace of mind.

To maintain and clean your water feature all year round, try Ambienté Fountain Safe – it cleans and protects water features without the unpleasant odour of other cleaners, and is also safe for children, wildlife and fish. For an even better value, we offer a Frost-Free and Fountain Safe dual pack. We also have a cleaner specifically formulated for your stainless steel features: Ambienté Stainless Steel.

If you haven’t got a water feature or are looking to treat yourself to another one, why not browse our extensive range of over 1000 water features? From contemporary stainless steel features to classic tiered fountains, to solar features and bird baths, we have something to suit everyone.

They also make great Christmas gifts!


About Primrose

We have scoured the earth to bring you this unique collection of beautiful water features, pest control, garden screening, planters and much much more. Whether you live in the heart of the city or the depths of the country, we hope you will find something to refresh your spirits and brighten up your garden or balcony. All of our products have been chosen to meet our exacting standards for quality, craftsmanship and value for money and every order is backed by our no quibble guarantee. We are a family run company and we pride ourselves on giving personal service to all of our customers.

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