How To Repel Spiders

We recently held a competition for a chance to win 1 of 3 Advanced Whole House Spider Repellents on our Facebook page.

We have had a fantastic 557 entries with some brilliant suggestions from participants. Quite a few parents would willingly sacrifice their children and quite a few children would rather hide and wait for their parents. Several dogs also appear to be trained to catch spiders for a biscuit reward and the hoover is often used.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite suggestions and please be careful and do not try them all at home as some may not be safe!

  • I’m so scared I’ll get random strangers off the street to come in and catch them for me. I won’t even go to bed if there’s one on my landing!
  • Let my snake out!
  • Move to my mother’s!
  • My poor daughter has to get rid of them for me bless her. She’s only 7!
  • Pay my daughter to get rid of the ones she isn’t scared of and she is only 10…
  • My wife always gets me to get rid of them even though she hates them. I have to show her I have it in my hand before putting it outside.
  • Pass out.
  • Start sweating and batter it with a shoe.
  • They’re usually in the bath so I hang a towel over the edge, let them crawl onto it then shake it out of a window – keeping hold of the towel of course!
  • Put them outside. Never kill them they helped in the war clean wounds.
  • Ask my partner to remove humanely whilst I scream blue murder!
  • Call my dad up crying cause I use to hoover them till I realised they actually came back out!
  • Catch them with my hands like a real man does!
  • Fetch neighbour while screaming.
  • Get Daddy to get them for me!
  • Hide until my mam comes home, she then sets it free outside kicking and screaming!!
  • Hyperventilate, become hysterical, drag people off the street to rescue me.
  • I freeze and go into a cold sweat then scream not a pleasant sight!
  • I once got trapped by one in the garage so I fashioned a flamethrower with a can of wd40 and a lighter … problem solved! ;)
  • I spray them with cleaning fluids, then they shrivel up & then I hoover them up. I feel terrible afterwards though.
  • I try and ignore them.

Which one is your favourite?


Win 1 of 3 Feng Buddha Water Features!

Water and words… Easy to pour impossible to recover.

Yet – at least in the case of water – very pretty to look at!

Primrose are giving you the chance to win 1 of 3 Feng Buddha water features. They are made from UV and frost resistant resin and is ideal for indoors. It helps to reach the medically recommended air-humidity of 45-55% which, in today’s centrally-heated indoor environments, often can be difficult to maintain.

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September vegetables – Mr Digwell

Mr Digwell writes for us regularly so you can work on your garden at the right time. He also answers your gardening questions.

His September post was focusing on the garden as a whole, but he also has many tips for vegetable planting in September, especially with those that can be harvested in the winter. Here is what he suggests:

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Do you have a problem in your garden?

Mr Digwell Traditional and Trusted

Primrose and our resident gardening expert Paul Peacock, who writes as Mr Digwell for the Daily Mirror, can help you! Whether you want to know how to make your flowers bloom or what flowers to plant – Mr Digwell is the man to ask!

Simple email him at, and he will reply to you directly. We will publish the question and answers he sends to you on our  Mr Digwell Q&A page.

Mr Digwell gardening cartoon logo

Paul Peacock studied botany at Leeds University, has been the editor of Home Farmer magazine, and now hosts the City Cottage online magazine. An experienced gardener himself, his expertise lies in the world of the edible garden. If it clucks, quacks or buzzes, Paul is keenly interested.

He is perhaps best known as Mr Digwell, the cartoon gardener featured in The Daily Mirror since the 1950s. As Mr Digwell he has just published his book, A Year in The Garden. You can also see more about him on our Mr Digwell information page.

To the garden and beyond!

Bee on sunflower
Today we went on a wildlife hunt in our garden but the only luck we had was getting a snap of a bee on our sunflowers. Not to be discouraged with finding so little besides the bee and our usual feathered companions we took the search further even looking for those pesky slimy plant munching pests aka slugs and snails, the idea being that we could see who found the biggest but my boys soon lost interest.

Venturing beyond the garden we took a walk to our local loch, bread in hand in hope of seeing the pair of swans which frequent it alongside the ducks. After trekking up to it battling endless hills (my town is built on hills and I’m sure everywhere we seem to go is an uphill climb) then having a little break to play in the local park we finally arrived at the loch ready to see some wildlife at last but the swans weren’t there!
Moorhen on loch
Thoroughly disappointed we threw the bread in anyway. My boys looked as downcast and downtrodden as the photographer next to us who must’ve trekked all that way for a picture to leave empty handed. The reason for the swans’ absence is perhaps the amount of dog walkers around because our local swans aren’t too keen on dogs at all.
Young moorhen chicks
Not wanting to see my boys so unhappy I decided we were not leaving until they got to see something… anything! After carefully explaining to them to get comfy, stay still and stay quiet we all waited patiently. It wasn’t long before something started moving among the reeds then ventured out for a nose, my boys were delighted! It wasn’t the swans but a collection of wee birds (I think it could be a moorhen and maybe it’s young?) we watched them run along the water and were rewarded with one of them coming up for a close look at us.
Butterfly on flower
Finally my boys were happy and we set out for home managing to get a picture of a lovely butterfly on the way. Tired from our wildlife hunt we reached our gate and were just about heading upstairs to our house when my neighbour shouted us. Curious we followed her into her garden and my boys kneeled down to look where she was pointing. Lo and behold there was a wee toad! Needless to say it made their day and ended our adventure with me thinking that maybe we should’ve just asked our neighbour for a look round her garden instead!Wee toad in neighbour's garden