Happy Father’s Day

With Father’s day imminent we ran a competition on Facebook asking people to tell us about their fathers.

We’ve had a great response and some fantastic answers which we just had to share!


He’s old now and ill, still never grumpy nor yells. It’s worth taking time out for the stories he tells.
Ill as a boy and so without much learning held down several jobs and soon he was earning.
He met a good woman, to take as a wife. Now 60 years later, together, forever, for life.
He guides and advises, tries to show us the way. Always quick to assist yet no demands to repay.
Raised six kids well, through good times and bad, that charming old rogue that we all love is my DAD.


Despite his age of 82, my dad’s still active and fun,
He won’t give in to his dodgy knees as he amazes everyone.
Workmen he will not employ as he manages all the chores,
Like chopping down trees and hanging shelves and even laying floors!

He may be a little slower and you may need to talk quite loud,
But he’s as sociable as ever and chatty in a crowd.
Dictionaries and encyclopaedias – there really is no need
As he gives advice and helps with life so others can succeed.
Thanks dad x


He’s charming, witty, handsome and fun.
With bundles of energy, in a million he’s one!
He’s patient and loving our Grandad Stevo.
With his six granchildren all loving him so.

He takes them off on adventures with the stories he creates.
About ‘Woofy the Dog’ and his superhero mates.
For making us laugh and putting a smile on their face
He deserves a thank you – Grandad Stevo you are ace!


He’s my mate, he’s my chum, cheers me up when I am glum,
Lends a hand, understands, helps in any way he can,
He’s a friend till the end, and on him I can depend,
If I’m down, he’s around and will often he say he’s proud,
And at times he can be daft, things he does, the way he laughs,
But most of all, my dad is cool, and always will be, he’s my all.

Happy Father’s day to all the grandads and dads out there!


About Primrose

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